The Fighting 11th - Colbert Covers Cleveland

The Fighting 11th - Colbert Covers Cleveland #Cleveland #Colbert #NEOhio

We’ve finally gone big time!  The Colbert Report has chosen my congressional district to focus on with “Better Know A District” featuring my congresswoman Marcia Fudge. Pretty funny stuff.

Here’s part 1:

The Colbert Report
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and Part 2:

The Colbert Report
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Free and Good For You, The Best Kind

Free and Good For You, The Best Kind is a new kind of audio channel – it’s a gumbo consisting of classic radio, old-school DJ funk sets, archeological digs into the history of recorded music, and overall silliness and fun to get you through these complicated days and nights. We run programming 24/7 worldwide, and we put up specialty programming on the EST time clock:

The Mothership – 2 hours of p-funk for the p-addicts


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Monkey Do

The seventies was a strange decade in the music industry. Artists of all stripes found success before the chasm of “Politcally Correct -vs- Gangsta” divided the popular music industry. Money was flowing during the vinyl and FM radio heyday. It was very different than now. There were only 4 ways to get music:

  1. buy the album from an actual store
  2. listen to the radio, probably FM, all day
  3. go to a…

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Gif Me

Funniest Gifs of all time of the week ;-):

BTW is anyone still debating how to pronounce GIF? I say “Jiff” like most people I hear say it, but the creator of the format likes to tell people that it’s pronounced G not J, “Giff” not “Jiff”. Some of my nerdy friends still insist on correcting people who…

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Take A Good Look At My Face

Take A Good Look At My Face

Smokey Robinson, one of American’s finest songwriters, has a new record out and it led me to find this gem:

10 years after smokey’s original, the seventies country rock thing was happening and a cutie by the name of Linda Ronstadt with a huge lovely voice was all over the charts with her legendary compositions.

Take a look at and listen to Linda in the studio doing Smokey, with just a touch of…

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Focus Shift

In the pro basketball world, Miami was the center of the NBA universe for the last 4 years. Cleveland was barely in the league. Besides the usual few intriguing young picks (and a few potential bust picks) there was no story here, nothing to see, nothing to care about. No national TV. No commentary. Even the teams uniforms said “that white red and gold team that used to be on TV every week is…

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