The Problem With Maps Apps

The Problem With Maps Apps

The now-standard overhead helicopter view used by mobile GoogleMaps, AppleMaps, etc. is neato but not a perspective that is natural for humans while driving. I’d rather see huge clear labels than 3D graphics any day. They are distracting us more than assisting us.

Someone needs to infuse the old, human way of sharing directions into these map apps. Anyone remember this kind of information:


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Wrist Input Is Just Starting

Wrist Input Is Just Starting #applewatch #wristUI

The Apple Watch could really change things. Fundamental concepts of how we interact with a device/machine are progressing and the new wearable iOS interface by Apple is opening huge opportunities to leave the interfaces of the 20th century behind.

We know it has a touch screen and accepts voice commands, just like the android watches. I think those are both clumsy and greatly flawed interfaces.…

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The Return of New Music Tuesdays

The Return of New Music Tuesdays

There’s a whole world of music out there. We search through eras, styles, and languages looking for the finest music the world has to offer, and then we find a way to mix it all on The One.

To add some jollification to the cycle we are starting up New Music Tuesdays. This is a tradition from the music industry when’re retailers and radio programmers would debut the week’s new music on Tuesday.


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Happening On The 1

Happening On The 1 @The1be1 Listenership Up! #WFNK #MusicForAll

Listenership is rising @! So far this morning we’ve had listeners check in from Brazil, Belgium, Canada, France, Egypt, Tunisia, Japan, and about 8 spots around the US. Hear it for yourself 24/7/365, whenever you need a free dose of musical joy look to The1.

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Human Touches Computer, Computer Reacts

Human Touches Computer, Computer Reacts #Watch #Apple

We all see pictures & commercials about smartphones. Some of us read specs and/or post opinions on the internet about the phone market. But very few study how we interact with the machine. People studying human-human interaction probably outnumber people studying human-machine interaction 1000:1.

Right now in the “smartwatch” (or wearable, or wrist computer) market there are 2 early interface…

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Watch The Script & Watch the Apple Watch Become A Hit

Watch The Script & Watch the Apple Watch Become A Hit #applewatch

The Apple Watch 1 follows the script perfectly for Apple’s version 1 products. If you look at their bottom line over the last 15 years, it’s a great script to follow.

First iPod— They said it couldn’t hold quite enough songs, couldn’t do enough other things than play music, and you needed a new mac with firewire to sync it. It was nearly useless on it’s own. People accused it of being a toy…

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The Biggest Advancement in iPhone Tech….and the internet crashes

The Biggest Advancement in iPhone Tech….and the internet crashes

Hahahahah too funny. Apple is showing off their new stuff, they stream through their servers, we all tune in, and guess what ….. hang, crash, wtf about 1 minute in.  Posting this now as I’m getting nothing from my browser.

I’m still probably buying an iPhone 6. Good to know it can still crash the internet.

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An LP That Took Over A Decade To Complete

An LP That Took Over A Decade To Complete #2MERICA @Ezrazmus

WAY back I had an idea for an LP. It was a concept LP, or at least a narrative LP, which centered around 5 characters, each equally instructive of the others lives. I worked on the story for some time as the music was being constructed by my band 2MERICA nightly.

I chose to totally self-publish this, perhaps destroying it’s chances at commercial success. But whatever. The release timeline is…

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A Million Stories in Cleveland

A Million Stories in Cleveland #MusicForAll #Cleveland @CleveGarlicFest

The challenge was this – take your camera around town for a month, shoot whatever you get yourself into, add some drone shots, pro editing, and some local music and put it on Youtube. These guys are good – and they picked a hell of a town for their subject.

Here I present to you one of the more accurate views of Cleveland, Ohio, USA you will ever see. This is us, this is what we do with our…

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iWatch, iBuy?

Will Apple put out a wearable? The Android makers are going full speed into Android watches, regardless of reviews and actual ship dates. They want to appear to be flooding the market but I haven’t seen a single one out in the wild yet. But if Apple does iWatch you will start to see these things everywhere.

I’ve written some thoughts on wearables before, here and here. As we get closer to the…

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