Forced Relocation For Baseball

Forced Relocation For Baseball

Effective September 1 2014 – All baseball fans of caucasian or european decent are to re-locate to the Black Mesa Preserve in Western Oklahoma. Bring all loved ones and the belongings you need as you will not be returning to your homes. Ever. At Black Mesa you will find there is no economy, river, or even farmable lands so you will be forced to carve out a meager existence.

imagesMost of your family…

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That Ancient Mystic Trinity

The 1973 SchoolHouse Rock classic redone in the 90’s by Blind Melon, sung by the late great Shannon Hoon, magically overdubbed on the original video.

Floppy Soccer

The physics of ragdoll movement when applied to World Cup. Enjoy!

Like The Feathers of a Dinosaur

Like The Feathers of a Dinosaur

You know they were just big birds, ight?

If they made Jurassic Park nowadays, we might be watching this:







or wait, maybe this?

Big Bird

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Does This Mean Anything To You?

Does This Mean Anything To You?

“Highlife Time • Sun Valley Jump • King Tim III • Lagos Communique • Young Forever • Supergroovalisticprosifunkstication • Underneath It All • Feeling Of Freshness • Sweet Funky Thing • It Was (Wars Of Armageddon) • Sometimes • Sweet Thing • Get Down • Cream • Cindy In The Meadows • Immigrant Man • Man Of All Seasons”

Does that ring a bell? Can you identify this, or would you like to go to the…

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Scream Mudskipper, Scream

Sometimes you just have to scream…

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