The Doggone Girl

John Legend and Stephen Colbert channeling Michael and Mac!

The Streaming Specials - Besides the usual funkiness 24/7, we’ve managed to get a few special programs running on The 1:

TimeWAVE Focus: an hour straight of music from one era, one time-frame.

  • When: 10 AM  - 11 AM EST Mon-Fri
  • What: Focus on the early 70′s
  • When: 10 PM – 11 PM EST Mon-Fri
  • What: Focus on the early 80′s

The TimeWAVE: Travel through the history of recorded music, 1 year at a time.…

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Will Apple Go HD in Audio?

Will Apple Go HD in Audio?

Rumors are swirling that Apple will soon announce a major upgrade to it’s iTunes Music Store, and one of the features will be 24-bit lossless files for sale!

They might even use Led Zeppelin to push the new higher quality, which is pretty exciting.

I bought a Pono player and it is supposed to play Apple’s ALAC’s (their version of FLAC), so more stores selling HD files is all good for me!

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The Music Is Coming Through Me

Great classic DJ Shadow, kicking off the “DJ as artist” genre in the mid 90’s:

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Falling Debris

Check out this amazing story about a norwegian skydiver who almost got cut in half by a meteorite.

Timewave Focus Happening

I’m currently enjoying a TimeWAVE Focus on locked into the early 70′s. This TimeWAVE Focus rogue program seems to jack the programming and lock it into a time cycle loop a couple of times a day – the listening effect is pretty cool.

At 10 AM & 10 PM EST (03:00 & 15:00 GMT) weekdays it does an hour straight from one era – this week 10am is early 70′s and 10pm is early 80′s.

Then at…

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R.I.P. Knuckles

One of the finest DJ’s ever, a guy who opened his own club to DJ his mix of music, called the Warehouse, which in turn helped birth the genre “House”.

Here’s the obit and some good tracks to remember Frankie by. I also have been adding some rare old Frankie Knuckles tracks to The_One, because they are dancefloor killers, always were, always will be.

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