Entering Rotations

Entering Rotations @The1be1 #musicforall #wfnk

It’s Tuesday, time for some new music On The 1 — the catalog of audio pharmaceutical continues to grow. Check out the freshest stuff from the world of music.

Adds for the Week of 10/19/2014 – http://the1.be/listen

Berato – Broken Bossa
Charles & Eddie – I’m Gonna Love You
Esther & Abi Ofarim – Cinderella Rockefella
Etta James – Cigarettes & Coffee
Fragile State – The Barney Fade
Jerry Butler – For…

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Watching You

Damn why was this lip-synched? I thought that the Don Kirchner show was live performance so I wonder what happened here.

Listening Modes

The1.be operates in several modes that change on a schedule, with the schedule repeating every week. The musical scope remains the same but at certain times certain changes of flow and vibe are put onto the programming.

The most common mode is the “Medicinal Mix”, and it ships in 40 minute levels that focus on particular emotional content. The Voice of the One guides you through the levels, and…

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Keeps Me Hanging In There

Fantasy Is Reality In The World Today - one of the many P-Funk compositions I absolutely love.

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The Tuesday Shipment Arrives

The Tuesday Shipment Arrives @The1be1 #musicforall

Wow it’s a big New Music Tuesday on The1.be, we’re adding music new and old from all over the world. We have both Maze w/Frankie Beverly & -Maze-. We have Buddy Rich, Cat Stevens, and Louis Armstrong. We have Neneh Cherry, Melody Gardot, and Pharrell Williams. It’s getting more and more funky daily, be sure you tune in for your daily dose.

Adds for the week of 10/14/2014 – www.The1.be/listen


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My HD Digital Audio Life Begins Soon

My HD Digital Audio Life Begins Soon @pono #wfnk #musicforall

My new sexy little digital audio player (or DAP) is arriving at the end of this month. I was an early supporter of PonoMusic and their PonoPlayer on kickstarter, so not only will I have one of the first Pono’s out in the wild, but I was extended a pretty awesome benefit as an early investor – free file quality upgrades for life!Three_Ponos_02_773

That is to say that any purchases I make from the Ponomusic store…

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Why Tune In

Why Tune In @The1be1 #musicforall

Experience the future. The1.be combines old-school radio, funky DJ sets, inspiration, musical experiments, and modern movers into a gumbo that’s hard to turn off.

The ingredients require careful mixing and the result is a potent serum against sirnose d’voidoffunk. The mix covers nearly 100 years of recorded music, over 30 genre labels, and focuses that are hard to describe in text. You just have…

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Music Hoarding Future

OK I’m doing some serious internet-style scientific research (aka asking friends) on the future of buying music, discussed in this post. Here’s a few ideas so far on the future of music product packaging:

Idea 1-  The “All of the Above” set — for $40 you buy the release and receive a vinyl record, a CD, and download codes for both HD and MP3 digital files. Nothing new here but it’s a nice spread…

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